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1. Fix It!

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Fix this code so it compiles and runs correctly (your file name is Main.java)

private class main {
	private static int main() {
		system.out.println('Hello World!')
		return 0

2. A Full WaterVehicle, Ship, etc.

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This exercise comprises of a base class WaterVehicle. It will also have a class Ship, a class Boat, a class WaterAirplane, and a class Submarine.

WaterVehicle Methods:

updateSpeed(int) will update the speed to a valid speed - higher than minSpeed and lower than maxSpeed

You can choose what to use.

Note: Ship, Boat, and WaterAirplane should extend WaterVehicle.

When you are done, you can create a main class to run your program. For example, the main class could create an instance of WaterAirplane and try using the methods.

Submit Exercises

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If you have any ideas for exercises that are related to what beginners learned in the fundamentals section, feel free to put them here. Note: It will look nice if you put them before this and make their name with a title2 (2 equal sign).

You are ready to move on! Inheritance. Note that it is not complete...
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