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Finland[edit | edit source]

Famous Finns[edit | edit source]

  • About this sound Aki Kaurismäki  is the most famous Finnish film director. Pay attention on how you pronounce the letter "ä" like you pronouce the "a" in the English word "have".
  • About this sound Aleksis Kivi  is the Finnish national writer from the end of the 1800's. He wrote the book "Seven Brothers". Note how your write "ks" rather than "x" in Finnish.
  • About this sound Juice Leskinen  (1950 - 2006) was a legendary Finnish singer and songwriter. Note how you pronouce English words ("Juice") not according to English but Finnish rules. Hear how the letter "j" is pronounced more like you pronounce "y" in the beginning of English words.

Finnish Geographical names[edit | edit source]

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