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Nominal Sentence

Definition :

Mubtada' = Subject
Khabar = Predicate

it always starts with a name called /Mubtada'/ Which Represents the Subject of the Sentence, Followed By a Name or Verb or Phrase To Complete the Meaning or explain what the Subject is doing which is called /Khabar/


Listen Khabar and it's type Mubtada' Meaning Pronunciation Sentence
مُجتَهِدٌ / إسم (Name) مُحَمَّدٌ Muhammad is Assiduous /Muhammadu MudjtahidUN/ مُحَمَّدٌ مُجتَهِدٌ
يَكتُبُ الدَرسَ / جملةٌ فعليةٌ (Verbal sntc.) الطالِبُ The Student is writing the lesson /Altَ alibu Yaktubu Aldarsa/ الطالِبُ يَكتُبُ الدَرسَ
على الطاوِلَةِ / شُبه جُملةٍ (Phrase) الطالِبُ The Book is on the table /Alkitabu Aَ ala Altَ awilati/ الكِتابُ على الطاوِلَةِ