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Audio recordings need to be added to Wikimedia Commons before they can be used on Wikiversity. See commons:Latin language

Current recordings can be found at Commons:Category:Latin pronunciation

Sentences[edit | edit source]

Most important is adding recordings of sentences.

Missing words[edit | edit source]

You can also help with misssing words. The words that are missing can be see at Latin/Classified Vocabulary List; please note that we haven't gone through all of the tables, only as far as the Third declension masculine / feminine list.

Recording at home[edit | edit source]

You will need to make the recordings yourself, at home, and then create separate files for each audio element.

If this seems arduous and you'd like to send a long file of all of the material, please let us know. You can upload the long file to Wikimedia Commons, and then we can do the work of separating and uploading the individual sentences or words.

Adding files[edit | edit source]

Use your Wikipedia account, or Wikiversity account to log into Wikimedia Commons. Then use the Upload Wizard:

Adding files to commons this way can be done in bulk. This makes it relatively painless.

File format[edit | edit source]

Audio files seem to be .ogg throughout. It is probably best to stick with this format as it means the Wiki file players will work.

Naming files[edit | edit source]

It will make our life easier if we use a consistent naming convention for audio files.

  • Words: please call your files
    • la-cls-wordname.ogg for classical pronunciation
    • la-ecc-wordname.ogg for ecclesiastical pronunciation
  • Sentences: please call your files
    • la-cls-lessonname-sentence-01.ogg for classical pronunciation
    • la-ecc-lessonname-sentence-01.ogg for ecclesiastical pronunciation

Adding files to the wikiversity lessons[edit | edit source]

Once the files are uploaded, and you know the name, you can use markup in this format [[File:la-cls-puella.ogg|thumb|Puella]] which gives a player like the one in this table:

Audio Notes
This is the standard thumbnail player

Place these into the tables in the "audio" column; add an "audio" column if needed.