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The Ethnologue entry for 'ban' also calls it Madura-Bali, or Balinesisch

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There was a request for a Balinese Wikipedia in 2006.[1]

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Bali templates[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of the main temples in Bali,

  1. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Besakih is the mother temple and the main temple.YesY Done
  2. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Batur is the temple for the rice goddess Dewi Sri.
  3. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Samuan Tiga is the pura where the religion was devised in its present form.
  4. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Pusering Jagat ( Centre of the world temple)
  5. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Penatran Sasih

The following temples are on the sea and are the pivotal points for the guarding of the coastline of Bali.

  1. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Rambut Siwi
  2. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Pulaki
  3. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Andakasa
  4. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Gel-Gel
  5. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Sakenan Serangan
  6. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura UlawatuYesY Done
  7. incubator:Wp/ban/Pura Tanah Lot

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UI translation[edit | edit source]

translatewiki:Portal:ban/Gregorian calendar translations YesY Done; proofreading needed.

Translators[edit | edit source]

If you translate on translatewiki, please add your name to translatewiki:Portal:Ban/translators for tracking purposes.