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In contrast to small talk, "Big talk" conversations delve into deeper, more substantial topics that go beyond the surface.[1] These discussions often involve personal beliefs, values, and experiences. Here's a list of topics that can spark meaningful and thought-provoking "big talk" conversations:

  1. Your Story:
    • Tell me your story. Where did you grow up? Tell me about school. Tell me about work. Tell me about living. What is your brand?
    • I noticed … and was wondering …
  2. Life Goals and Aspirations:
    • "What are your long-term goals, and what steps are you taking to achieve them?"
  3. Philosophy of Life:
    • "What guiding principles or philosophies shape your approach to life?"
  4. Meaningful Experiences:
    • "Can you share a significant experience that has had a profound impact on your life?"
  5. Passions and Dreams:
    • "What are you truly passionate about, and do you have any dreams you're working towards?"
  6. Personal Values:
    • "What values are most important to you, and how do they influence your decisions?"
  7. Moral Dilemmas:
    • "Are there any ethical dilemmas or moral questions that you find particularly interesting or challenging?"
  8. Books or Articles That Impacted You:
    • "Can you recommend a book or article that significantly influenced your perspective?"
  9. Social or Environmental Causes:
    • "Are there social or environmental causes that you're deeply passionate about?"
  10. Challenges and Overcoming Adversity:
    • "What challenges have you faced, and how have they shaped who you are today?"
  11. Personal Growth and Development:
    • "In what ways do you strive for personal growth, and how do you handle self-improvement?"
  12. Cultural Perspectives:
    • "How has your cultural background influenced your worldview?"
  13. Travel Experiences:
    • "What is the most impactful or eye-opening place you've visited, and why?"
  14. Creativity and Expression:
    • "How do you express your creativity, and why is it important to you?"
  15. Health and Well-being:
    • "How do you prioritize and maintain your physical and mental well-being?"
  16. Relationship Dynamics:
    • "What do you believe contributes to healthy and meaningful relationships?"
  17. Educational Pursuits:
    • "Are there subjects or areas of study that you find particularly fascinating or challenging?"
  18. Hobbies and Personal Projects:
    • "Do you have any hobbies or personal projects that bring you a sense of fulfillment?"
  19. Global Issues:
    • "What global issues concern you the most, and how do you think they should be addressed?"
  20. Mindfulness and Reflection:
    • "How do you practice mindfulness or reflection in your daily life?"
  21. Legacy and Impact:
    • "When you think about your legacy, what kind of impact do you hope to leave?"

Remember to approach these topics with sensitivity, and be prepared for varying levels of comfort with personal disclosure. "Big talk" is about fostering deeper connections and understanding, so it's important to create a space where both individuals feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and experiences.

  1. ChatGPT generated this text responding to the prompt: “In contrast, [to the previous ‘small talk’ request] provide a list of topics that are useful for beginning a ‘big talk’ conversation”.