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virt-sysprep[1] command included in libguestfs-tools package reset, unconfigure or customize a virtual machine so clones can be made.

WARNING: Using virt-sysprep on live virtual machines, or concurrently with other disk editing tools, can be dangerous, potentially causing disk corruption. Virtual Machine must be shut down.

Command examples[edit | edit source]

  • List operations:
virt-sysprep --list-operations
  • Performs a read-only "dry run" sysprep operation:
virt-sysprep --dry-run TEST_VM_TO_RESET
  • To reset everything:
virt-sysprep -d TEST_VM_TO_RESET
  • To Change name and force to keep user account MY_USERNAME_TO_KEEP
virt-sysprep -d testvm --hostname testvm --enable user-account --keep-user-accounts MY_USERNAME_TO_KEEP

See also[edit | edit source]

  • virt-clone
  • virt-builder
  • Virsh/Changing VM running status operations: start, shutdown, destroy, reboot, reset, resume
  1. http://libguestfs.org/virt-sysprep.1.html