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Journeys in Film [1]was founded in 2003 to broaden global learning through the powerful combination of age-appropriate films from around the world and interdisciplinary classroom materials designed to develop 21st century academic skills for Middle School students. Our program uses film as a "window" to help students in America's classrooms mitigate attitudes of cultural bias and racism, develop a deeper understanding of global issues, and prepare youth for effective participation in the world economy. [Journeys in Film] curricular materials provide innovative standards-based lessons that foster deeper learning with real-life connections, resulting in an immersive high-impact experience for secondary students in any educational setting. This approach helps educational systems enrich their academic offerings without increasing personnel or operating costs, while meeting their federal and state educational performance mandates. Our methodology applies visual storytelling as a tool for engaging students - connecting them with their peers and locations around the world while building skills in math, science, language arts, social studies, visual arts, media literacy and intercultural communication.

Download a free interdisciplinary teaching guide for teaching high school students about South African culture and HIV AIDS based on the film Beat the Drum. Beat the Drum is a contemporary South African film about the devastation of HIV / AIDS. It follows a young boy, Musa, who is orphaned after his parents die of the disease. In order to help his grandmother, he leaves his village in KwaZulu, Natal to find his uncle. As he makes the physical journey from his remote village to the urban landscape of Johannesburg, the film follows his emotional quest for survival, understanding, and community. Thanks to the generous support through a grant made by The Fledgling Fund, [Journeys in Film] is proud to provide a complete inter-disciplinary curriculum guide for FREE.

[[[Liam Neeson]]] is the National Spokesperson for [[[Journeys in Film]]]