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NASA World Wind[edit | edit source]

NASA World Wind Java is a Java virtual globe application with an extensive set of APIs. The application is licensed under the NASA Open Source Agreement.

Examples for beginners[edit | edit source]

SimplestPossibleExample[edit | edit source]

The is a tiny program with about thirty lines of code. It creates a WorldWindowGLCanvas window inside a frame.

HelloWorldWind[edit | edit source]

The program is only slightly more complex and instantiates a BasicModel.

ApplicationTemplate[edit | edit source] provides a template for applications based on NASA World Wind and is used by several other programs in the examples directory.

Shutdown[edit | edit source]

Shutting down NASA World Wind is non-trivial and has its own beginner's example: Apparently the WorldWindow class does have a shutdown method and the class WorldWind has a static shutDown method to reset WorldWind to its initial state in order to conserve memory (e.g. for applets that are not currently used).

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