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Javolution[edit | edit source]

javolution.context Provides real-time Context to facilitate separation of concerns and achieve higher level of performance and code predictability. Provides utility classes for input and output (such as Struct and Union for direct interoperability with C/C++).
javolution.lang Provides fundamental classes and interfaces; some of which are either missing from the java.lang package or are not available for all platforms (including J2ME CLDC).
javolution.testing Provides classes and interfaces to facilitate all aspects of testing including unit tests, performance, regression, etc.
javolution.text Provides classes and interfaces to handle text.
javolution.util Provides high-performance collection classes and miscellaneous utilities; although this package provides very few collection classes, they are substitutes for most of java.util.* classes (for example, java.util.IdentityHashMap would be a FastMap with an identity key comparator).
javolution.xml Provides support for the encoding of objects, and the objects reachable from them, into XML; and the complementary reconstruction of the object graph from XML.
javolution.xml.sax Provides SAX2 and SAX2-Like parsers; the later being several times faster than conventional SAX2 parsers (by avoiding String allocations while parsing). Provides StAX-like XML readers/writers which do not require object creation (such as String) and are consequently faster and more time predictable than standard StAX classes. Provides classes and interfaces to create and handle web services.

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