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Java Web Toolkit (JWt)[edit | edit source]

While JWt is not yet as polished as Swing it has similarities with Swing in many design decisions and is even a little bit easier to use for many common tasks. The documentation is not yet as good as the documentation from Oracle but the open questions are fairly easy to analyze.

At least the Java version of WT (JWt) does have some major bugs left (or had bugs left in Summer 2012) and cannot yet be recommended for serious projects, but given the quality of the framework that shouldn't cause a problem for the development team.

One would probably wish for caching of large tables on the client side. Tables reload data dynamically, which may appear convenient and much more polished than the more usual "next page" button below a table, but that causes server load and possibly more network delay for the user, because scrolling is not as reliable as jumping to the next page of results. A scrollTo method in WTableView allows to position a table on a particular row programmatically, however.

An advantage of the duo Wt and JWt can be to use JWt for rapid application development and then to compile the final application in C++, which is the alternative with higher performance.

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