Introductory algorithm quiz questions

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These questions are best used in the context of a group game, such as a quiz show, where people are divided into small groups and questions are divided into 3 rounds. If you want to mix up questions, you might also want to check out the HTML exam questions and the CSS exam questions. You can of course use them just on your own too, as a self-check of your understanding!

Beginner[edit | edit source]

  • Describe a variable
  • Identify three things you need to be careful of when naming a variable.
  • Name two tools you can use to describe the solution to a problem (ie to describe an algorithm),
  • True or false: Computers are dumb. (Explain why/why not)
  • Fill in the blanks: the three most useful tools to solve a problem are Sequence, ........., ......... . (Explain what each one means in plain old English.)
  • Identify and draw three symbols used when creating flowcharts.

Intermediate[edit | edit source]

  • Draw a picture of an Array
  • Objects and events

Advanced[edit | edit source]