Introduction to social psychology/Lecture/Instructor notes

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  • create an 'include' (single file) for the first slide for each lecture - with contact details
  • About the right amount of content for 100 mins (with 30 min vid), plus 10 min break
  • Check for some duplicates slides
  • Cull some detail
  • Refine the amount of text on each slide to prevent excessive zooming
  • Includes 27 min VHS video
  • Use overheads?
  • Include exercises?
    • 3 attitudes - What's your attitude towards guns? george bush? john howard? (choose object (gun), person (john howard/george bush), and an event (boxing))
    • I am... (10 items / what # are group based)

(measure attitude first)

    • 3 reasons why bin laden / john howard is good

(measure attitudes after)

  • Add a history slide
    • Social relatively recent development from nexus b/w psychology and sociology
  • sociology focuses on groups; psychology on individuals; social psychology on the dynamic relationship between individuals and others
  • Figure 1 can be redrawn in a non propietry form and include:
    • Political psychology
    • Environmental psychology
    • Developmental psychology
    • Cognitive psychology
    • Clinical psychology
    • Organisational / Industrial psychology
    • Marketing psychology
  • Consider/try finding an image for each of these themes and updating/changing the gallery so its more like a flickr slideshow
  • Content on 'self' at the end (last 5 mins) was a bit weak - check textbook more carefully and consider moving it to next week (bec. it can lead into relationships) - maybe include a self-test
  • Add diagrams showing circles and relations b/w groups and individuals (see Intro 3rd year SP lecture) - important to show/emphasize the kinds of relations
    • Circles
      • I (Individual)
      • G (Group
      • depict possible relations / interactions
      • Add 'unit of analysis' as a feature
  • Some references incomplete