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part of Strategic Studies>Course: Introduction to Strategic Studies>Class on: Policy by Other Means

The Project[edit | edit source]

This is a critical project that entails the finding, reading, and critiquing of an existing article or commentary on the causes of any war. The purpose of this project is to practice the analysis of international policy and hone the system of analysis presented in the Class. This creates a feedback loop.

Points to Remember[edit | edit source]

This will contain the coles notes version of the system of analysis given in the class.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

  • read the lecture and readings
  • analyze a piece of writing
  • internalize the process of analysis by doing a written piece or correcting or expanding a Wikimedia project
  • come back here and post your findings in the talk section
  • look back at the class system of analysis and see if it could be tweaked, expanded, or improved

Active Participants[edit | edit source]

Remember to post your findings or links to your work in the discussion page, and make suggestions for improvements to the Class based on your work!