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Part 1[edit]

Computers require very precise and simple instructions to operate. As a programmer, you need to think about tasks in terms of these simple instructions. As an example, can you think about how to teach a computer to make a sandwich? Explain how to build a regular sandwich (ham sandwich or Peanut Butter & Jelly) in as simple steps as possible.

Part 2[edit]

On the first page of the wikibook Robotics, read the section Defining Robotics.

  1. Which of these studies would be considered robotics based on this definition?
    1. Studying the strength and flexibility of a titanium alloy used to make a robotic arm?
    2. Integrating sensor data from sonar, laser, and CCD cameras and to build an accurate map of surroundings?
    3. The real-time software needed to drive two motors to make a robot go in a straight line?
  1. Classify each of these as a robot, a mechatronic device, a machine, or something else?
    1. A spam email filter.
    2. A garage door opener.
    3. A remote controlled boat.
    4. A 1970's automobile.
    5. A current model automobile which includes lane-following.
    6. An Apple IPod.
    7. An actor in in a silver suit.

Part 3[edit]

On the first page of the wikibook Robotics, read the section Defining Robots. Next, read the page Types of Robots. Name the various types of robots, and if possible name an example of each.