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Date: 09 / 26 / 2023
Robotics Safety Contract

The student must:

  • Act safely at all times, using appropriate precautions when necessary.
  • Remove all jewelry or metal objects from the body, pull back long hair, wear closed-toed shoes, and avoid loose or baggy clothing.
  • Do not touch or use any equipment that you have not been taught to use by the instructor.
  • Only work in the construction room with proper supervision from the instructor.
  • Always wear gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and ear plugs while in the construction room.
  • Obey all instructions from the construction room instructor.

The student must not:

  • Bring food or drink into the construction room
  • Use the robotics equipment, including the robotics computers, for any purposes not required by the robotics assignment
  • Abuse, misuse, or break any robotics equipment.
  • Damage or deface the robotics construction room, including damage to furniture or infrastructure, or graffiti.