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Welcome to the course! Introduction to Programming in Java is part of the School of Computer Science and is designed to be an integral part of the curriculum. It is a hands-on introduction to Java for non-programmers, similar to the general-purpose and language-independent course Introduction to Programming. See also Introduction to Computer Science and Introduction to Computers for introductory courses in computer hardware.


Introduction to Programming, as well as sufficient knowledge of computers to be able to install and configure software.

Content summary[edit]

This is a hands-on introduction to writing programs in the Java programming language. It is designed for students that have no previous experience with programming.


This learning project offers learning activities to be able to understand and use fundamental Java elements including:

  • All of the Java primitives
  • References, objects and arrays
  • Control structures including loops, branches and functions

There will also be an introduction to some of the most commonly used library classes.


Sciences humaines.svg Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource.
SYawning.svg Completion status: Been started, but most of the work is still to be done.
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  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Integer Variables
  3. Boolean Variables
  4. Strings
  5. Java Classes
  6. Inheritance
  7. Arrays
  8. Java Swing


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