Introduction to Latin/Second Declension Neuters

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The Neuters of the Second Declension[edit | edit source]

Below is a chart displaying all endings of the neuter nouns of the second declesion. All rules for case use are the same as those of the 1st declension.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative -um -a
Genitive -i -orum
Dative -o -is
Accusative -um -a
Ablative -o -is
Vocative -um -a

Distinctive endings for the neuters of the second declension only appear in the Nominative, Accusative and Vocative cases, and they exist in this fashion: For the Singular:

  1. Nominative: um
  2. Accusative: um
  3. Vocative: um

There is a noticeable pattern in these endings. The same pattern follows for the plural endings.

  1. Nominative: a
  2. Accusative: a
  3. Vocative: a