Introduction to Communication Systems

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Syllabus[edit | edit source]

Course Overview[edit | edit source]

This course introduces the fundamental principles of communication systems. Amplitude modulation and angle modulation of analog signals will be covered. Modulation and demodulations schemes as well as issues of noise and noise propagation will be examined. The principles of digital communications systems will be introduced but not covered in detail.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

- signals and systems
- some probability

Topics[edit | edit source]

  • Topic 1 - Background Review
  • Topic 2 - Amplitude Modulation
  • Topic 3 - Frequency and Phase modulation
  • Topic 4 - Digital Communications

Topic 1 - Background Review[edit | edit source]

Topic 2 - Amplitude Modulation[edit | edit source]

Communication System What is modulation? Why modulate?

DSB-LC[edit | edit source]

DSB-SC[edit | edit source]

SSB[edit | edit source]

VSB[edit | edit source]

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