Introduction To Economics/Week 1

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"Living in a market economy is not very different from speaking in prose. It is not easy to do without it, but much depends on what we choose to use prose [for]" - Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize winning Indian Economist, primarily worked in UK and US Economies).  

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Week One consists of major topics involving Markets. Below is a condensed version of the chapters . All major ideas are bold and are most probably on the exams. Once you are done with the reading, go ahead and do the quiz. The quiz is used as a review. Many of the questions in the quiz are reused in the exams. If the quiz is attempted, a print of the screenshot of the quiz must be made and handed in during class which will then be counted as extra credit. Multiple attempts are allowed. The link is directly above this message.

Content[edit | edit source]