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The goal of this page is to build a strong coalition of digital freedom advocates, with a specific focus on international intellectual property initiatives that impact national policies and laws and restrict users’ rights and impede access to knowledge. Our objective is to identify and cooperate with key local activists, to empower one another with strategies, resources, and tools, and to set an action plan for moving forward based on knowledge exchange, cooperation, and community building. The workshop will also be an opportunity for us to consider tactics specific to the concurrent New Zealand Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiation round, and strategic planning for ongoing work on the core issues regarding copyright, freedom of expression, and activism within the TPP and similar initiatives.

NZ Digital Rights Camp[edit | edit source]

Orientations and Emails[edit | edit source]

  • REIMBURSEMENT FORM - please print it and bring it filled. Deliver on December 1st to Carolina Rossini

Foundational Materials[edit | edit source]

Materials on Activism[edit | edit source]

Participants[edit | edit source]

Where[edit | edit source]

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NZ Digital Rights Camp/Agenda|Agenda[edit | edit source]

The agenda will be divided in time slots for welcoming and methodology, presentation on core country concerns, working groups on "core concerns", and activism training.

Given the amount of topics we seek to cover during the two-day workshop, we have limited the duration of each of the "country" presentations to 30 minutes each. Therefore, we do not expect presenters to cover any of these issues at depth. We are hoping that the issues that you raise will open the door for further discussions moving forward, and for the groups to be able to identify common threats and potential areas of collaboration and resource sharing.

If more than one person from a country is interested in presenting, we will divide the time in 10 minutes slot, and be sure each of a presenter is focused in a different topic or audience concern. For instance, we will have folks from education and consumer rights from Australia. One presenter should focus on the barriers IP and trade agreements impose to education rights and the other on consumer rights, and so forth.

Soon, we will have a more complete agenda here.

November 30th[edit | edit source]

Participants arrive.

Hotel: (for those being covered by EFF).

See Participants list.

December 1st[edit | edit source]

Day 1 - Digital Rights Camp

Place: Auckland University School of Law

Time: 9:00AM to 6:00AM

Coffee breaks and lunch provided. Dinner on your own.

Dress code: Casual

Time Topic Presenter
09:00am Welcome: Agenda, Logistics, and Goals Jane Kelsey (Auck. Univ.) and Carolina Rossini (EFF)
09:30am Broad Perspective and Core Issues Krista Cox (KEI) and Carolina Rossini (EFF)
10:00am Introductions and Icebreaker Maira Sutton (EFF)
11:00am Morning Tea
11:30am Country Report: New Zealand Susan Chalmers (InternetNZ)
12:00pm Lunch Served in the Meeting Room
01:00pm Country Report: Japan Tomoaki Watanabe (Creative Commons Japan) and Masayuki Hatta (MIAU)
01:30pm Country Report: Australia Ellen Broad (Australian Digital Alliance) and Alexandra (EngageMedia)
02:00pm Country Report: Canada Steve Anderson (OpenMedia)
02:30pm Post-It Activity (topics and countries) and Afternoon Tea Maira Sutton (EFF)
03:00pm Perspective from Google Ross Young (Google)
03:30pm Topic-Based Working Groups All
04:30pm Report From Groups Maira Sutton (EFF) and Rapporteurs
05:00pm Closing and Conclusions Carolina Rossini (EFF)

December 2nd[edit | edit source]

Day 2 - Digital Rights Camp

Place: Auckland University School of Law

Time: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

Coffee breaks and lunch provided.

Dinner will be provided at Wooden Board Kitchen (with vegetarian options and 1 drink per person)

Dress code: Casual

Time Topic Presenter
09:00am Welcome back! Maira Sutton (EFF) and Susan Chalmers (InternetNZ)
09:30am Country Report: Chile Francisco Vera (Derechos Digitales)
10:00am Country Report: Mexico Jorge Ringerbach (Creative Commons Mexico)
10:30am Country Report: US Krista Cox (KEI)
11:00am Post-it and Morning Tea All
11:25 am Access to Books in Singapore Mr. Rama - Executive Director National Book Development Council of Singapore
11:45am Hand-On Activism: presentation and spectrum of allies activity Maira Sutton (EFF)
01:00pm Lunch provided by conference in room
02:00pm Activism: The Experience of Stop of the Trap Steve (OpenMedia)
02:15pm Country Report: Malaysia Jeremy Malcolm (CI)
02:45pm Country Report: Vietnam Tan Nguyen (Viet Tan)
03:15pm Afternoon Tea All
03:30pm Topic-based Working Groups with inputs from Post-It Activity All
04:30pm Report back Carolina Rossini and Rapporteurs
05:00pm Road for Auckland Digital Rights Declaration and what is next Carolina Rossini (EFF)
06:00pm END Jane Kelsey and Carolina Rossini

Country Reports Presentations[edit | edit source]

These are the types of questions we would like you to address in your presentation:

  • What are the major intellectual property policies and proposals that you oppose or are fighting in your country? Please describe the nature of the policies already enacted or are being proposed.
  • How did you formulate your strategy to address the effects of these policies on digital freedom/access to knowledge/innovation?
  • How did you garner media attention about your campaign and influence the public messaging around your issue? What “memes” did you use to counteract the government’s framing of the issue?
  • How have your efforts affected the outcome of the proposal or surveillance practice?
  • What are some lessons, tips, and/or advice that you have gained from this experience and would like to share

Topic Based Working Groups[edit | edit source]

Participants will choose working groups to discuss some of the most debated concerns within the evolution of IP norms and how trade agreements have impacted in shaping international and national laws. The goal of each group is to produce a short (1 paragraph) position statement that will compose the Auckland Declaration on Digital Rights.

  • Exceptions and Limitations - Lead by Krista C. (KEI)
  • ISP Liability - Lead by Carolina R. (EFF) or Francisco V. (DD)
  • Information Flow - Lead by Jeremy (CI)
  • IP and Human Rights - Lead by Sanya (TWN)
  • DRM and anti-circumvention norms - lead by Carolina R (EFF) or Susan C (InternetNZ) or Maira S. (EFF)
  • Temporary Copies - lead by Maira S. (EFF) or Susan C (InternetNZ)
  • Term of protection and the Public Domain - lead by Watanabe (CC- Japan)

Organizations and Resources[edit | edit source]