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These are words to know about/of relating/on the topic of Interior Design.

Section 1: Interior Design/Words To Know (editing:[edit | edit source]

  • House - A shelter, in which provides [to the inhabitants of the home] space for possessions [of the inhabitant(s)], safety, and space for activities (games, public eatings, etc.)
  • Home - Provides privacy; Represents goals, values, individuality, and brings a sense of belonging to a family
  • Interior Design - A career that makes the inside of a house beautiful, comfortable, and functional.
  • Floor Design - A diagram or a blueprint of a room arrangement.
  • Traffic Pattern - The paths people use to get from 1 room to the other room.
  • Element Design - Includes color, shape and textures.
  • Illusions - The feeling that something looks different than it really is.
  • Color - Has the greatest effect on the appearance of a room
  • Hue - Name of color
  • Shade - Hue + Black
  • Tint - Hue + White
  • Neutral Colors - Not on the color wheel
  • Cool Colors - Set a relaxing mood
  • Warm Colors - Make a room feel cozy
  • Color illusions - Light colored walls make a room appear large, while dark colored walls make a room appear smaller.

Explanations (editing:[edit | edit source]

  1. [Illusions]: ex (Explain)... A wall that is painted as a lake is an illusion because it appears to be a lake, in which it is really not and it's just a wall.
  2. [Shade]: ex (Explain)... Shade + Black; A good example of this is Red + Black, which equals Maroon.
  3. [Tint]: ex (Explain)... Shade + White; A good example of this is Red + White, which equals Pink
  4. [Neutral Colors]: ex (Explain)... These are colors that are not present in the color (Color Wheel:, such as White, Black, Grey, Brown and Beige.
  5. [Cool Colors]: ex (Explain)... These colors give a relaxing mood to the environment they're in. These colors are Green, Blue and Violet.
  6. [Warm Colors]: ex (Explain)... These colors make a room feel cozy, snuggly, and comfortable. These colors are Red, Orange and Yellow.