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IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is the measure of a person's intelligence. A person's IQ can be estimated by taking an intelligence test. Many people wonder how they can raise their IQ. There are many sites that promise to raise your IQ, but few of them deliver the promised results. These lessons here aim to help raise your IQ. You should know however that these results are not guaranteed and that everyone learns differently.

Step 1: Measuring your IQ

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The first step to raising your IQ is to discover your starting IQ. There are many websites where this can be done. To make these lessons apply to everyone the sources are all free and require no registration. To find out your IQ, take this free IQ test at[1]. Get your results and write them down on a piece of paper in case you forget. This is your starting point. If you follow these steps correctly this number should increase over time. If you are having difficulty with the test and would like to try a different one, you could try tickle's IQ test[2].

Please note that online IQ tests might not be accurate at the clinical level. So if you are interested in knowing exact IQ and want to use the results for clinical purposes, we recommend taking an offline IQ test with a licensed psychologist.

Step 2: Simple ways to raise your IQ

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Contrary to most peoples' beliefs, raising your IQ doesn't have to be difficult. One simple way to raise your IQ is through brain teasers and other puzzles. A few good sites which offer brain teasers are:

If you begin to find these too simple, or you complete them all, you can try the Nintendo DS games Brain Age and Brain Age 2. These games have a great assortment of brain puzzles which are challenging.

If you get the newspaper, then there is a good chance you have seen something called Sudoko, and possibly Kakuro. These are excellent ways to raise your IQ. If you don't get the morning paper, or your paper does not offer these, you can play them here:


Step 3: Develop your mind tools

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The third step to raise your IQ is to develop your natural mind tools. Ways to do this can be found at[9]. Developing your mind tools will help you learn ways to apply the skills you have learned from step 2. This step is vital because the IQ development received from the last step will be useless without the ability to apply it. This website will teach you things like problem solving, information skills, and memory improvement; all of which are vital to increase your IQ. Remember that intelligence is basically creating connections of neurons in your brain and firing of neurons. More practice you do, more connections between the neurons of your brain are developed.

Step 4: Improve your vocabulary

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The next step to raise your IQ is to improve your vocabulary.[10] has an effective course which may help you out. Word-a-day calendars are also a useful way to do this. Playing Scrabble is also an effective way to improve your vocabulary.

Step 5: Raising your IQ through chess and other strategic games

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As odd as it may sound, playing chess and other strategic games is a good way to raise your IQ. if you do not know how to play chess, you could learn here:[11]. If you are having trouble winning games of chess, there are many books that have been written to help you, although the most useful is not a chess book at all. The Art of War by Sun Tzu is the single greatest book on strategy ever written. Reading this and applying the knowledge learned will help you develop your chess game. The full content of the book can be read here:s:The_Art_of_War_(Sun)/Full_Text

Step 6: Reassessment

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Now is the time to retake the IQ test. If these past 5 steps have raised your IQ, then you know that these lessons work for you. If not, you may just need more time and practice. Take the test at the same place that you took it the first time, and good luck.

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