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Below is a drafting of a media release form that aims to be in line with the Intellectual Property - proposed policy and procedures for Australian research and education. It's intent is show that people are giving full and informed consent to the consequence of recordings and media that is published to The Commons.

Release[edit | edit source]

I SUBJECT'S NAME, give NAME OF PUBLISHER informed consent to publish recordings and media of me and/or otherwise owned by me, and to license that content with a Creative Commons Attribution copyright license. I understand that such a copyright license is irrevocable, and that it permits anyone to make a copy and derivative of that content, and to be able to republish and distribute those copies and derivatives, including on commercial basis, as long as attribution to the original author is maintained. This release does not wave any of my moral rights, or other rights protected under laws outside of copyright.

Signature of subject

Signature of publisher