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User Testing of E-learning Courses

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In this module, you learned about the essential role that formative evaluation plays in the ADDIE model. You also learned about "User Testing” as a specific type of formative evaluation that occurs at the end of the development cycle. This module focused on user testing for e-learning courses; specifically, web-based, self-paced, asynchronous instruction.

Using the techniques and guidance described, you can now develop a plan for user testing of an e-learning course, conduct the test, and then analyze the qualitative results of the test.

This isn't all there is to user testing. After analyzing the results of the test, you'll need to revise your e-learning course based on what you learned from the user test and improve the course. In some settings, you may be required to synthesize the findings and recommendations of the user test in a report.

Below are some of the resources found in this module's lesson.


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  • User Testing Steps [1]
  • Evaluation Form
  • Completed Evaluation Form Completed Evalustion Form


[edit | edit source]
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