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Lesson work sheet answers

1. What are the similarities between each of these cases?

  • Each of the performers likely have the skills and knowledge to perform well in these tasks
  • Each of the performer is operating under potentially high stress circumstances
  • Each of the performer's performance gaps are unlikely to be caused by a lack of motivation or lack of skills or knowledge

Question 3B: Complete this section after reading the entire lesson. For each performer, write in the space below what would you do if you were the performer’s instructor/coach? Include your diagnostic steps and at least one of the 5 methods discussed.

Below are some suggested strategies. Your answers may differ from these examples.

Sara - Ask Sara what she thinks about when she is playing.

- Prior to going on stage, have her breath deeply for 5 minutes.
- Have her set of goal of getting to the end of each page of music and focusing on that as she is playing.

Bob - Ask Bob how he feels about presenting.

- Instruct Bob the night before the presentation to picture himself articulate and at ease in front of a large audience as he is giving the presentation.
- Have him bring a laser pointer to his presentation. During the presentation, if he notices he is getting nervous, have him practice focusing on how the laser pointer feels in his hand.

Tracy - Ask Tracy how she feels physically right before the start of the race.

- Right before the race and during the first 100 meters, have her repeat in her head the word "pace".

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