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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Are you aware of the phases in instructional systems development as outlined in ADDIE, but have little or no experience in the analysis and design phases? Do you independently need to plan the analysis stage for developing instructional materials, but are unclear about the steps involved? If your response to any of these questions is “yes”, this lesson could help you.

The lesson is a short training capsule on procedural analysis, a method used during task analysis. Before we look at this method, let’s understand what task analysis is. What’s the big deal about it? Let’s go through a short activity and find out.

Take a few minutes to go through the scenario below and answer the question that follows.

Dan, an instructional designer, is developing a lesson on changing a car tire for the customers of Autoservice Limited, an organization offering roadside assistance and other services for automobiles. He met the organization’s subject matter expert (SME) once to understand the content and then created a design document for the lesson. The document outlined the content to be covered and the instructional objectives and strategies. He then sent the document for review to the SME and his project manager. He is discussing their feedback with his supervisor, Steve…

Dan and Steve.png

What could Dan have missed out in his content acquisition and design processes? (Select all options that apply and click Submit.)

A. He might not have walked through the entire procedure of changing a tire with the SME.
B. He might not have tried the steps on his car before documenting the procedure in his design.
C. He might not have clarified the focus of the lesson to the SME before his meeting.
D. He might not have prepared the relevant questions for the SME before his meeting.
E. He might not have verified the accuracy and completeness of the content before designing the lesson.
F. He might not have explained the purpose of and focus of review in a design document.

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