Instructional design/Online Presentations/Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Online Presentations

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At the time this is being written (spring 2014), there are many options for creating presentations in the online environment. But, why would you want to choose an online environment or an off line environment for presesntation creation? The conditions that surround your presentation should always be used to dictate what you will use. Read through the benefits and drawbacks to online presentations listed below. You can use these to help make the choice on whether or not your presentation should be online ... or offline.

Benefits Drawbacks
Audience may watch as many times as they like Some learners may prefer other types of instruction
Can be played anywhere, anytime with an internet connection Learners may be more passive rather than be actively involved
One click launch Slides may be overloaded with bullets
Play on any platform and any browser Bells and whistles may overwhelm content
Easily updated Example
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