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See how much you have learned. Take the short self-test below choosing the best answer.

1 Criteria in objectives can best be defined as?

Criteria is the outcome of a well formed objective.
Criteria provides the "how to" of a well formed objective
Criteria provides the measurable portion of a well formed objective.

2 Criteria can best be defined by _____________?

Speed, weight and measurement
Accuracy, speed, quality and quantity
Speed, measurement, experts and opinions

3 The areas criteria come from are_______.

Job, improvement,academic and personal experience
Business and education.
Experience and documentation.

4 Which is an example of pointing criteria?

answers must be accurate to the nearest whole number.
saw a 2" X 4" board in half within 60 seconds
according to criteria described on pg.5 of manual.

5 A good question to ask yourself before writing criteria is______.

How much time will this take?
How will we know if the object has been achieved?
What does it take to be correct?

How did you do?
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