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Module Goal[edit | edit source]

Designers, trainers, or curriculum planners will be able to develop a repertoire of diverse methods and strategies, and will be able to apply these methods/strategies to develop and affect interpersonal behaviors in others.

In order to meet a specific objective, the trainer will be able evaluate the methods/strategies as they relate to the given task. They will be able to select or create suitable micro-instructional methods to meet that objective.

In addition, they will be able to explain and justify their decisions about selected instructional strategies and methods. The result shall be instruction that is effective, efficient, and appealing.

Interpersonal instructional strategies lessons[edit | edit source]

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  1. Introduction: What is the Interpersonal Domain?
  2. Topics, Issues and Resources to Spark your Imagination
  3. Delivery Methods and Delivery Considerations for Instruction within the Interpersonal Behaviors
  4. Strategies for Developing Instructional Materials for the Interpersonal Domain