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Introduction Goal Setting Process Exercise Designing Goal Setting Activity Practice
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Introduction[edit | edit source]

In the classroom or the training session, some students are more motivated to learn, for example, they try to utilize different learning strategies or seek for different resources by themselves while others are not. After retirement, some people are willing to enroll online educational organizations or attend workshops to continue their learning whereas others are not.

What makes the difference between motivated learners and unmotivated learners?

Goal setting is one of the elements that can explain the difference between these two groups of people (motivated and unmotivated learners). Students who can set their goals for learning are more motivated and active learners who can plan, monitor, and regulated their own learning process. As a teacher or an instructor, who don't want their students to be more motivated? But HOW? There has been abundance of research on how to motivate the learners by having them set the goals for their own learning.

In this Wikiversity lesson, we are going to focus on one of the most influential factors related to learner motivation and self-regulated learning, which is "Goal Setting".

Your learners will be setting up their goals for learning through the goal setting activity you designed for them. Are you ready to explore how you can design a goal setting activity for your learners? Are you ready to have more motivated and self-regulated learners? Let's start our journey!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

By the end of this Wikiversity lesson, you will be accomplishing the following learning objectives (1 Key objective and 5 Enabling objectives)

  • Given instructional content, you will be able to design a goal-setting practice activity. The practice activity should be rated excellent in more than 80% of categories provided in the evaluation checklist.
  • Explain what goal setting process is
  • Define task goals and process goals
  • Identify well-defined task goals and process goals
  • Explain how to design goal setting practice
  • Design a practice goal setting base on the content of their instruction

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