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Educational Podcasts Introduction Podcasting and Educational Podcasting The Art and Science of Writing Audio Scripts Audio Scripts Pitfalls Assessment Summary

Assessment[edit | edit source]

The following short assessment will enable you to self-assess your understanding, and ability to apply the key ideas and guidelines that were discussed throughout this self-study Wikiversity lesson. Considering this tutorial’s key objective - to equip you with the ability to identify all key elements for authoring a well-written audio script - your aim should be to score no less than a 9/10 on this brief self-assessment!

1 What are the two key attributes that differentiate a general podcast from an educational podcast?

Purpose and Content
Organization and Structure
Purpose and Target Audience
Objectives and Structure

2 Which three elements are considered to be particularly important in educational podcasting?

Objectives, organization, and practice
Presentation, practice and feedback
Stimulus, reinforcement and repetition
Activation, application and evaluation

3 What is an instructionally effective (useful) manner to brand your educational podcasts?

Consistently use the same segway music and sound effects
Offer listeners a predictable and systematic structure and style
Educational podcasts do not need to and should not be branded
Find a unique style, any style, and stick to it in all your podcasts

4 Every educational podcast must start with:

A branding jingle
Clear objectives
A clear task/problem
A detailed introduction

5 The ‘call for action’ is educational podcasts way of confirming listening and understanding by the learners. As such its ideal place in every educational podcasts is

At the very beginning so that learners will immediately know what they are expected to do
At the very end since this is the normal place for a practice opportunity in any instruction
Any place is fine as long as it is always placed in exactly the same section of each podcast
Any place is fine but ideally we should avoid placing in the same section of each podcast

6 Which of the following options best captures all the possible benefits of a well-written audio script?

Enables a focused and polished podcast
Clarity, organization and audience rapport
Saves time in the recording-editing stage
Effectiveness, efficiency and appeal

7 You try reading your audio script out loud and notice that you need to stop for air midway through many of your sentences. What could be the problem?

Inadequate/insufficient use of punctuation
These sentences are probably too long
The formatting of your script is unclear
You are nervous and need more practice

8 Which of the following scenarios is most suitable for assessing and enhancing the ‘spontaneity and friendliness’ of your audio scripts?

Unfortunately, these are intuitive elements and simply cannot be assessed or enhanced
You avoid reading your script as much as possible so that it will not sound too rehearsed
You imagine yourself sitting in a pizzeria and telling it to a group of colleagues or friends
You mentally prepare yourself for improvising whenever possible when its time to record it

9 Below are two versions of the same sentence. Which principle of effective script writing was violated by the first sentence?

Sentence 1: In light of the fact that we have doubts about this answer, it is obvious that at this point in time we must give consideration to other alternatives.

Sentence 2: Since we doubt this answer, obviously, we must now consider other alternatives.

Audience Rapport
Systematic Organization

10 Which of the following script excerpts may trip you up when you try reading it out loud?

This will cost the Federal Government about 13-million dollars a year
15 people have tried solving the problem but only five succeeded
These results were simply unexpected and marked a 149.3% increase
On July 5 of last year we saw a substantial decrease in US imports

Do you need help with any of the questions? Are you interested in more detailed answers and feedback?

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Next Step[edit | edit source]

Congratulations. You have completed all the primary sections within this tutorial!

Let’s now briefly review and summarize the key ideas that were discussed and practiced within this training.


Educational Podcasts Introduction Podcasting and Educational Podcasting The Art and Science of Writing Audio Scripts Audio Scripts Pitfalls Assessment Summary