Instructional design/Developing Instructional Materials for the Interpersonal Domain: Media Selection Strategies

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When developing your instructional materials you will need to consider your media options. The choice you make may be based on projected availability of media where instruction is to take place, ability of instructor and learners to use the media, cost, flexibility, durability, and convenience. This section will provide you with some strategies to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Type Benefits Considerations Examples
Simulations permits independence in learning process
contextualizes content
can provide multiple perspectives
develops thinking strategies
can be expensive
feedback important to success
highly motivational
encourages teamwork
uses problem solving skills
develops communication skills
may require extensive preparation
flexibility important
many resources
multiple perspectives
can provide for silent reflection
requires computer & internet access
quality varies greatly
requires self-motivation
real world situations
promotes understanding of other positions
emphasizes working together
difficult with large groups
can require extensive guidance to be effective

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