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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Backwards Instructional Design! The short lesson that follows is designed with the purpose of assisting instructors designing their course, with the end in mind.

Consider the following[edit | edit source]

Consider the number of times instruction is designed and at the end coming to the realization the instruction missed its goals. Beginning with the end in mind, allows the designers to start the design process by identifying the goals/objectives of the course, then determining a method of evaluating the performance of the students, and concluding by selecting the appropriate learning activities to prepare the students for meeting the previously stated goals. Utilizing Backwards Instructional Design it becomes possible to develop the curriculum from the end to the beginning, thus making it more likely the goals of the course will be reached.

Learning Objectives[edit | edit source]

Terminal Objective: Given sample course information the participant will select learning activities following the Backwards Design procedure.
• Identify the steps of Backward Design
• Given sample content standards, identify important content standards for students
• Identify learning activities that will be used to determine learning has occurred
• Select learning activities to enable learning

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