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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the collaborative learning portal on ‘Web Resources and Social Media tools For Teaching Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. The objectives of this portal is,

  1. To create an exclusive and extensive collection of free and open online resources for educators in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. To provide learning resources on various social media tools that can be used for teaching creatively.
  3. To serve as a platform for sharing creative activities and teaching techniques practiced by educators
  4. To disseminate the findings and outcomes from the CAL4INO (Creative Activities in Learning For Innovation) project for the benefit of everyone.

Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching

This page contains information on selected social media tools and recommendations on how to use them efficiently in teaching. It will also contain case-studies and teaching resources published in social media that can be taken into use by any teacher at any given time. Practical teaching cases and case examples on the application of different web 2.0 tools for teaching the essential topics under entrepreneurship will be included. Information and links to groups of innovators, entrepreneurs and angel investors which exist in the contemporary social networks are also included.

Open Web Sources

This page provides links to a treasury of teaching resources that are scattered on the internet that could be used by teachers of innovation and entrepreneurship. This also attempts to serve as a handy and quick reference tool for learning contemporary topics under the field of entrepreneurship. In short, this page integrates the vast resources for teaching innovation and entrepreneurship omnipresent in the world of web 2.0 under a universal umbrella for united learning.

Creative Teaching Techniques for Teaching I&E

This is a foundation for a ‘creative network’ which links creative professionals promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. It will also serve as a platform for sharing creative ways/activities practiced by educators for teaching innovation and entrepreneurship. Games, resources and interesting techniques that could be used for creative teaching are shared in this page by interested experts. The profiles of creative educators interested in gathering a community of practice for developing creative teaching techniques are shared here.

About this learning portal
Eacea-LLP logo

This learning portal is created by Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The portal aims to serve as a useful and perpetual deliverable for the EACEA - LLP project `CAL4INO ´ (Creative Activities in Learning For Innovation) in which Laurea University of Applied Sciences is a partner.

The collaborative portal will operate without boundaries and aims to act as a ‘knowledge network’ for educators and enthusiasts serving in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. This portal invites educators and academicians around the world to collaborate and co-create towards a unified mission of creating learning resources that are beneficial to millions of scholars and educators alike.