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  • Michael Rosemann: "Digital companies build communities, then design products & services. Exactly the opposite of traditional businesses"

Learning Activities

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  • (Commercial Data Harvesting and Digital Communities) Access to digital companies is the foundation of Commercial Data Harvesting from those communities. Explain how the design process of products is dependent on Commercial Data Harvesting and pattern recognition in the collected data about the individuals in the communities.
  • (Privacy) Explain how privacy can be respected by the digital companies and how important is privacy for the design process of products. Choose one example that has many requirements and constraints for privacy (e.g. health, protection of interlectual property, ...) and one example with low privacy constraints and requirements (e.g. communities that focus on public sports events and discuss that and digital services that are build around the sport events, ...)
  • (Internet of Things - IoT) How does the Internet of Things (IoT) contribute to digital transformation and how are digital services attached to innovation and introduction of IoT-devices.

What is digital transformation?

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When people talk about the digital transformation they give examples like Spotify, Airbnb and Uber. Companies that are successful with a new business model. According to Alan Trefler (CEO Pegasystems) companies should not copy the new business models.


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  • Projectmanagement: in this blogpost Jean Jacques Vossen (CEO of Mavim) describes the importance of project management to transform the enterprise.
  • Pegasystems: Read the blogpost of Alan Trefler (CEO of Pega). In this blogpost Allan suggests that business and IT groups should collaborate with common goals and focus on their customers. Knocking down the walls between these groups makes them both accountable for business outcomes which drives material impact for the enterprise. Part of the solution is creating a common language between the groups.
  • Cap gemini: see information on the Cap Gemini website for more information about 'digital transformation'. See also the following link:


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