Indigenous and Intercultural Health/Online learning exercises

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2x 30 minutes at Week 1 and Week 11 (500 words equivalent) 15%

1. Online Learning Exercises (10%, 500 words equivalent)

- Total of 2 hours per week

- Preparation by reading core materials & completing online activities

Intercultural Competence Self-Assessments (10%, 500 words equivalent total)

- (1 x 30 minutes in Week 1) + (1 x 30 minutes in Week 11)

- Brief notes identifying and commenting on your strengths, improvement areas & suggesting strategies.

This task is essential for all other learning activities and assignments. You will complete this online survey both at the start and end of the course, allowing you to reflect on areas of strength, potential improvement and changes resulting from your learning experiences during this course.

Note- Assessment 2: Workshop Activities rely on successful completion of online activities beforehand. You will not be able to successfully complete Workshop Activities without this preparation.