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Discussing about Information System[edit | edit source]

Everybody here is our case study:

  • Problem: Read from slide 23 to slide 32

Read Slides online here

 After reading then share what you thought bellow or go to comment in here

For me I think in these slides want us to know about:

  • what 's an information system?
  • How can it work/be?
  • what's computer base-information system? how can it help us?
 IS (information system) is the collection of technical and human resources that provide the storage, computing, distribution,and
communication for the information required by all or some part of an enterprise.
A special form of IS is a management information system ( MIS ), which provides information for managing an enterprise.
Check this out it's my research but not sure if it correct.

Spend sometime at school and let's make it done don't try to delay friends. OK, we need to note it down and get more research about all the important points in the slides and we need to make a new slide that summary about the topic.Each points must have an example to share it in our class and they can easily understand about it. Make sure you check the slides out before you try to share your idea. If someone see it here you must reply me don't make me feel alone here or I'll blame you at school.(Sareth Phin)

  • For my idea i think for our slide are want us to understand about What is it? How it work and what is computer base-information?

after read the slide and through the Teacher's explain for my idea i understood that:

  • Information System is a set of data and action that include Input, Process, Output and feedback.
  • Information System work as a System that it is a raw fact then convert to a useful output by the Processing and Output to a useful document and report and at the end it will be Feedback about the change of Input and Processing. (Tit Tiarith)

It's a good idea anyway but I don't see anywhere in this slide explain about IT and yes we'r studying IT but these slide are focus on Information System(IS) and computer base-system and each components of computer base system.
(Sareth Phin)

In our slide i do not see what to say about IT just see IS and computer base-information system. everything we will explain on Present day, but i also need all of our group member's idea to and one more need a presenter. (Tit Tiariht)

Actually What is this sentence mean " For my idea i think for our slide are want us to understand about What is "it" and well I've misunderstood about "it" lately,but in this case "it" you have said is focus on (IS) so why don't you just write IS instead of it.

On the other hand , if you don't suppose to be a presenter so Mr. RoeunPhirun is a good presenter after all but you didn't even come to school to discuss about it at school at all.And where is the new slides , you can post it here and let me see how is it.

The Different Between Internet, Intranet and Extranet(13-08-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Intranet: Can only use in a local and we can count all user.
  • Internet: It is global Using that we can access all over the wold.
  • Extra net: It is can only access in one group of people.

Example: A company that provide the internet service to the customer.

More Detail click here[1].

I can not download this file can upload it again or send it to me by my facebook : Eza Lv (sary ysa)

Discussing about System Investigation[01-09-14][edit | edit source]

Dear Sary Ysa, Do u have dropbox? I think we should to play with wikiversity then Facebook cos teacher estimate give our score by discus in here only, so I think that u need to done it! if don't understand how to use, u can ask our friend in here for help together.

  • Sareth Phin

But I heard teacher said that have for this week and he'll give score for present also. So there is nothing to do this week right?

Dear all friend anyone know about topic of new assignment?

Our Assignment at slide 50 point 1 talk about system investigation

[Discus about "User Satisfaction and Technology Acceptance" Slides 26-31 (08-09-14)][edit | edit source]

Dear all member!

Pleas leave your comment in here.(Tit Tiarith)

  • គោលបំណងនៅក្នុងSlideទី១គឺៈ

​​​ធ្វើការកំណត់អំពីផលប្រយោជន៍​ ទៅលើវិសាលភាពនៃបច្ចេកវិទ្យាចំពោះស្ថាប័នរបស់យើង
ឧ....................(Tit Tiarith)

Six Sigma

  Differing opinions on the definition of Six Sigma:

Philosophy— The philosophical perspective views all work as processes that can be defined, measured, analyzed, improved and controlled. Processes require inputs (x) and produce outputs (y). If you control the inputs, you will control the outputs. This is generally expressed as y = f(x).

Set of tools— The Six Sigma expert uses qualitative and quantitative techniques to drive process improvement. A few such tools include statistical process control (SPC), control charts, failure mode and effects analysis, and process mapping. Six Sigma professionals do not totally agree as to exactly which tools constitute the set.

Methodology— This view of Six Sigma recognizes the underlying and rigorous approach known as DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control). DMAIC defines the steps a Six Sigma practitioner is expected to follow, starting with identifying the problem and ending with the implementation of long-lasting solutions. While DMAIC is not the only Six Sigma methodology in use, it is certainly the most widely adopted and recognized.

Metrics – In simple terms, Six Sigma quality performance means 3.4 defects per million opportunities (accounting for a 1.5-sigma shift in the mean).

Excerpted from T. M. Kubiak and Donald W. Benbow, The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook, 2nd edition, ASQ Quality Press, 2009, pages 6-7.

This is my documentation assignment that talk about Software and Hardware Click to Download