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After we read Chapter 02 - Information Systems in Organizations, for group 01 the slide from slide 18 to slide 25. We got about:

Heng Mengleang After I read Chapter 02 - Information Systems in Organizations from slides 18 to 25, we got about:[edit]

• Culture: the major to share by a group
• Organization culture: Major understandings and assumptions, Influences information systems
• Organizational change: How organizations plan for, implement, and handle change
• Change model: To change theories by identifying phases of change and the best way
• Unfreezing
• Moving
• Refreezing
• Processing unfreezing to moving to refreezing (A Change Model)
• Organizational learning: Very difficult to make work smoothly
• Reengineering: Process redesign, Reengineering involves the radical redesign of business processes, organizational structures, information systems, and values of the organization to achieve a breakthrough in business results
• Continuous improvement
• Business rule that affect business process: Rule, Original rationale, Potential problem in the Reengineering and Continuous improvement
• Comparing business process reengineering to continuous improvement
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Vetty Chiv After I read from slide 18 to 25 I could[edit]

• What culture is
• Organizational Culture
• Organizational change
• Change model
• Unfreezing
• Moving
• Refreezing
• Reengineering
• Continuous improvement
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• slide 24
• slide 25

Chhor hokthai After I read slide 18 to 25 I[edit]

• Culture: Set of major understandings and assumptions shared by a group (Just a general definitions)
• Organizational culture: People's behavior and habit in an organization, and it also includes goal, system, values, and language using within the organization.
• Organizational change: The process during the experiments in the organization. This includes planning, implementing, and executing the plan.
• Change model: The method of dealing with each step (Unfreezing, Moving, Refreezing) of changes to make everything work consistent.
• Unfreezing: Stop using old habit or culture of the organization
• Moving: Slowly start to setup a new set of working method, behaviors (culture), and system.
• Refreezing: Establishing and reinforce the new set of system in the organization.
• Organizational Learning: The adaptions to new conditions based on the experience during the Moving Process.
• Reengineering: Radical redesign anything that can improve the whole organization
• Continuous improvement: keep finding way to improve organization slowly and consistently.
• Business rule that affect business process: Study the benefits and problems of a business rule that is set.
• Comparing business process reengineering to continuous improvement: Compare between instantly change the whole things (Reengineering) and Slowly improve the organization by changing part by part (Continuous improvemnet).
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