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After we readied chapter 1 – An Introduction to Information System from slides 08 to 14, we got:
Heng Mengleang

After I readies from slides 08 to 14, we got: (Heng Mengleang)[edit | edit source]

Understand[edit | edit source]
- Who are used Information System (IS)?
- We know about Information System (IS) related with business
- Difference Data and Information
- Process from Data to Information
Not understand[edit | edit source]
- Slide 13

Chan Dana

After I have read this slide from 08 to 14 already, I got:(Chan Dana)[edit | edit source]

Understand[edit | edit source]
- For my idea, I think that in these slides want to show us about the advantage of study IS(Information System) that this subject is cover in our life such as in business, education,..etc.
- It has indispensable tools to help us to get successful in our career goals too. (slide 8-10)
- It tell us about what is Data, Information, Process, Knowledge?, and what is the type of Data that we always see in Social cloud. (slide 11-12)
- The life Cycle of Data, Processing, and Information.(slide 14)
Not clear[edit | edit source]
- In slide 13th, I think that in picture [a] is a normal data or a data that we not yet select it to process,but I picture [b] it is a processing of Data to created information, and information function as a data that it process to create new information.

Chiv Vetty

After I read from slides 08 to 14,I: (Chiv Vetty)[edit | edit source]

Understand[edit | edit source]
- where Information System (IS)are used?
- How IS help business people to achieve there business goal and support decision making
- Understand Data,Information,Process, Knowledge
Not understand[edit | edit source]

Chhin phanet

After I read from slides 08 to 14,I: (Chhin phanet)[edit | edit source]

Understand[edit | edit source]
- useful of Information System are used?
- How it help people to success for there goal or for make there business increasing
- Understand Data,Information,Process, Knowledge