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Real world cases of flexible learning implimantations
IMPDET-LE is a doctoral study programme
IMPDET-LE is a doctoral study programme providing doctoral trainining related to the research areas of educational technology and ICT for development. Completing the IMPDET-LE PhD study programme entails taking (a) an individualized series of postgraduate courses, (b) attending online edtech research days, and (c) writing a closely supervised dissertation that meets rigorous academic standards. Finishing a PhD degree in the IMPDET-LE programme takes usually minimum of four years, after the Master’s level, depending on the academic skills and background of the doctoal student and the availability of funding to support full-time studying.

(Source: http://www.impdet.org/

edTech Δ - Transforming  Strengths into Realities
edTechΔ is a research group at the School of Computing, University of  Eastern Finland. They have develop fresh technological solutions in order to bridge various kinds of learning gaps. These include learning gaps caused by physical distances,  time constraints, limited learning  resources, mental or physical disabilities, and cultural differences, to name but a few. In our R&D work, they use existing technologies in novel and unconventional ways and invent educational computing innovations  for real life challenges together with learners, teachers, companies, parents and other stakeholders.

(Source: http://www2.uef.fi/en/edtech/home)