ICT in Education/Change Projects/2014B Cambodia ICT Program For Professional

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  • Project Title: ICT program for professional development of teachers at the Hun Sen Borey 100 Khnang High School.
  • Change agent (name): Samnang Pok
  • Organization:Hun Sen Borey 100 Khnang High school
  • Problem: To Aim (max 80 words) : improve the level of ICT expertise among teachers at the Hun Sen Borey 100 Khnang High School with an objective of provide them with skills necessary to utilize internet resources to improve their teaching practices, while simultaneously empowering them to encourage students to use internet to supplement their education experience.Moreover, this project aims to provide support for teachers and students to develop their social capacities and helps them participate in the new information-based global economy through the education model based on advanced information technology and networking skills. To this end this project aims to emphasize to the participating teachers the importance of the ICT in modern education