ICD-10 Coding/External Causes of Morbidity

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This lesson introduces ICD-10-CM External Causes of Morbidity.

Objectives and Skills[edit]

Objectives and skills for this lesson include:

  1. Correctly apply ICD-10-CM coding guidelines for accurate selection and sequencing of external causes of morbidity codes


Start Here[edit]

ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting FY2019[edit]

Chapter 20 specific guidelines can be found on pages 85-91 of this document

Part 1: Diagnoses[edit]

Chapter 20 Guidelines with Clinical Scenarios

Slideshare Presentation

CG I.C.20 Chapter 20: External Causes of Morbidity (V00-Y99)[edit]

Chapter 20 Introduction Video

CG I.C.20.a. General External Cause Coding Guidelines[edit]
CG I.C.20.a.1) Used with any code in the range of A00.0-T88.9 Z00-Z99[edit]

I.C.20.a.1) Video

External cause code used for length of treatment[edit]

I.C.20.a.2) Video

CG I.C.20.a.3) Use the full range of external cause codes[edit]

I.C.20.a.3) Video

CG I.C.20.a.4) Assign as many external cause codes as necessary[edit]

I.C.20.a.4) Video

CG I.C.20.a.5) The selection of the appropriate external cause code[edit]

I.C.20.a.5) and I.C.20.a.6) Video

CG I.C.20.a.6) External cause code can never be a principal diagnosis[edit]

I.C.20.a.5) and I.C.20.a.6) Video

CG I.C.20.a.7) Combination external cause codes[edit]
CG I.C.20.a.8) No external cause code needed in certain circumstances[edit]
CG I.C.20.b. Place of Occurrence Guideline[edit]
CG I.C.20.c. Activity Code[edit]
CG I.C.20.d. Place of Occurrence, Activity, and Status Codes Used with other External Cause Code[edit]
CG I.C.20.e. If the Reporting Format Limits the Number of External Cause Codes[edit]
CG I.C.20.f. Multiple External Cause Coding Guidelines[edit]
CG I.C.20.g. Child and Adult Abuse Guideline[edit]
CG I.C.20.h. Unknown or Undetermined Intent Guideline[edit]
CG I.C.20.i. Sequelae (Late Effects) of External Cause Guidelines[edit]
CG I.C.20.j. Terrorism Guidelines[edit]

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