ICD-10 Coding/Diseases of the Genitourinary System

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This lesson introduces ICD-10-CM Diseases of the Genitourinary System.

Objectives and Skills[edit]

Objectives and skills for this lesson include:

  1. Apply ICD-10-CM coding guidelines for accurate selection and sequencing of diagnosis codes commonly used to describe diseases of the genitourinary system
  2. Apply ICD-10-PCS coding guidelines for accurate selection of procedure codes commonly used to diagnose and treat diseases of the genitourinary system


Start Here:[edit]

ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting FY2019[edit]

Chapter 14 specific guidelines can be found on pages 59-60 of this document

Part 1: Diagnoses[edit]

CG I.C.14.a. Chronic Kidney Disease[edit]

CG I.C.14.a.1) Stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD)[edit]
CG I.C.14.a.2) Chronic kidney disease and kidney transplant status[edit]
CG I.C.14.a.3) Chronic kidney disease with other conditions[edit]

Part 2: Procedures[edit]

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Lesson Summary[edit]

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