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Arrow pointing to a continent on a planet.
A region is kind of like a particular continent on a planet.

So if a grid is like another planet in some solar system, a region is like a continent or country on that particular planet. Within a region there are usually a bunch of different places, just as on one continent, or within one country, there are multiple cities to visit. Each region might have places that are thematically connected in some ways, or there might be a lot of diversity.

Just like traveling around the world leads you to appreciate what is similar and what is different from your own home town or country, so too is the emerging connected metaverse build on the OpenSim platform.

Grid and Region Examples:[edit | edit source]

Virtual worlds like Second Life or Minecraft are proprietary “closed” worlds, so you can't hypergrid into them. You have to have a membership and login to their worlds directly. To better understand where you are when your are visiting the CVL Hypergrid Resources Libraries, here's an explanation.

  • Kitely is the Grid >> Cookie II is our region >> CVL island is our own little space of this region.
  • Avacon Grid >> Avacon Region >> CVL occupies the southwest corner of the region. It's like a dedicated parcel in a subdivision of houses in the suburbs.

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