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image of rocket ship among the starts
Hypergridding is like traveling in a rocket ship to other worlds.

Hypergridding is simply the name for the protocol of being able to move from one virtual world to another. If you're familiar with Second Life, it's similar to teleporting to another location. The difference however, is in the fact that unlike Second Life (which is one single proprietary virtual world), virtual worlds built on the Opensim platform are many and decentralized. OpenSim worlds are constantly changing too. Virtual worlds are created, they may get moved or changed significantly over time, they may seem abandoned, and some may disappear entirely.

In keeping this simple, a good metaphor is to think of teleporting like flying in an airplane to wherever you want on planet Earth. Hypergridding, however, is like flying in a space ship to other planets, which are called “Grids”. So grids are like planets that are in other galaxies compared to our own. Like virtual worlds, grid too can come and go.

The hypergridding protocol was developed by Christa Lopes (AKA Diva Canto) around 2010 ( Canto, 2012), and is still a technological challenge in more ways that can be explained in a brief article. The development of this protocol and the practice of hypergridding is very much an adventurous undertaking that is all about embracing a pioneering spirit!

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