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Here are some of the organizations of interest to educators in virtual worlds.

Avacon[edit | edit source]

This is non-profit organization whose mission and slogan is “Building community in the metaverse. Building the metaverse community. Building the metaverse.” The Avacon grid on OpenSim provides free land and resources for social good and education to further this mission. They also sponsor virtual world conferences.

Rockcliffe University Consortium[edit | edit source]

"Rockcliffe University Consortium is an online organization dedicated to the advancement of technology in education."

  • Rockcliffe Refence Library Wiki - Rockcliffe University Consortium maintains Rockcliffe Library, an academic resource, in OpenSim. See their wiki for "...a curated collection of research tools and databases, and other links to information related to knowledge emergence using virtual collaborative environments."

New Media Arts[edit | edit source]

This non-profit organization works to preserve our cultural heritages in new media platforms, and support, develop and preserve new media arts and artists. Among their projects:

  • Avatar Repertory Theater produces plays and videos in virtual worlds
  • Antique Pattern Library is a library of public domain craft publications and patterns, helping ancient crafts survive  
  • Cookie II is a virtual world in the OpenSim hypergrid that hosts virtual world theater and other performance, social and resource spaces.