Hypergrid Resources Library/Virtual World Locations (& Databases of Locations)

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The metaverse is constantly evolving and changing. This page has links to some of the many people and organizations that have attempted to document virtual world locations.

CVL Library Hypergrid Portals[edit | edit source]

The Community Virtual Library has a growing list of portals where you can hypergrid jump from our library to other educational places in the metaverse. Below is a partial list of locations.

  • Rockcliffe University Library, Avacon Grid
  • Seanchai Library
  • Genome Island
  • Science Circle
  • Athabasca University
  • Educator Commons, Wright Plaza OS Grid
  • Jokaydia Grid
  • 3DLES (3D Learning Experience Services)
  • Global Health 3D Grid
  • Pompeii 2, Metropolis
  • BIOME Biology & Earth Science
  • Nova Archeology Island
  • AiLand, Metropolis
  • Spanish Language Learning Island
  • New Genres Grid
  • Guinevere Project
  • Lbsa Plaza, OS Grid

Other Hypergrid Hubs & Databases[edit | edit source]

There are many places in the metaverse beyond the Hypergrid Resources Library that had a mission to connect portals to various grids. The nature of hypergridding make this a challenging endeavor and not all hypergrid hubs and portals are wekk maintained. As mentioned in the article on the Challenges of Hypergridding, locations may be down and/or connections may be broken different reasons. The locations provided below are just some of your many options as you get started exploring more virtual worlds.