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Unlike a physical region, digital regions might be open or closed, the server may be down, or it may have been removed by the owner.

As you can image with the challenges to hypergridding in general, trying to map or catalog an emerging connected metaverse is a wicked challenge indeed!

Unlike physical planets that have features that are relatively stable, the places you visit in the metaverse can change day by day by the resident owners of all the different regions that exist. It's a constantly evolving metaverse! Places do get moved, or close down. Places might appear abandoned as the owners/users pursue other projects.

Imagine choosing a random place on planet Earth or in our galaxy to visit right now. Chances are, you'd land someplace that seemed desolate and empty. Virtual worlds and universes are very big places indeed. In order to overcome this, it's essential that you find a community to connect with. Fortunately, there are a lot of organizations, non-profits, and groups you can get involved with. The links below are just a couple sources of additional information on attempts to sort of "map" what's happening around the metaverse.

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