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Hypergridding can be confusing to the newbie, especially if you're more familiar with simple teleports to places in Second Life.

Multiple Grids & Multiple Avatars[edit | edit source]

If you create more than one account to access different grids (and many people to), it's really easy to get confused. It's hard to keep track of who you made friends with, using what avatar, what you collected or own in your inventory, etc. If at all possible, you might consider only creating one account and one avatar. Especially as you first get started.

World Map & The Address Bar[edit | edit source]

It's important to understand that the world map is how you find another grid or region (or in keeping with our metaphor, another planet!). And this is NOT the same thing as completing a local teleport (or "Hop") using the address bar. When you are hypergridding, you will usually use the world map first to find the general location. Then you will use the address bar to past in a local teleport address. See the screenshot below to understand the difference between the world map and the address bar.

Screenshot showing world map and address bar in Firestorm viewer.

Creative Commons & Shared Content[edit | edit source]

Another challenge is the confusion that can be cause with so much shared content across the metaverse. You can visit places that are based on the same files, see the same trees, buildings, or furniture and not be sure if you've been there before. This would be like visiting an Earth-like planet and seeing something very similar to the Grand Canyon and then later not being sure which planet it is that you're remembering! It's not uncommon for the newbie to question where exactly a place is located that they remember.

Technical Limitations[edit | edit source]

There are also many technical issues that are far more complex to be easily summarized here. Among other things, some grids may be running an older version of Opensim which can impact hypergridding. Another challenge is that there are limits to the distance you can travel in a single hypergrid jump. (Think of it like being in a rocket that only has enough fuel to get to a particular planet. Once there you need to do another hypergrid jump to keep going forward towards the destination you want to reach.)

Finally, this is still an evolving technology in terms of use. Hypergrid portals on somebody's region might be disabled for some reason. Maybe they were moved and the script has been broken or altered. If you're jumping to a grid that's down for maintenance, the jump might fail.

The important thing to keep in mind is the sense of adventure!

Additional Reading[edit | edit source]